"I love those who can smile in trouble..."

Leonardo da Vinci



I am one of the lucky people who can combine their passions with their work. In her, I find the opportunity to tackle any technical or content-related challenge with joy and continuously educate myself on these points. As a result of constantly learning new things, I have developed a broad service portfolio over the years. To solve a problem, in mine, as probably in every other work, the question of perspective arises. If I change my perspective, I can see the problem from a different angle and, if necessary, solve it. So over the years, I have acquired various welding and testing techniques that allow me to use a significantly more comprehensive range of perspectives and approaches in my projects.
As important as statics is in my work, I ban them from my everyday life.

01 External welding coordinator

02 Non-destructive testing

03 welding work

04 welding courses

External welding supervisor

According to DIN EN ISO 14731 welding is a unique process that must coordinate the welding activities. The welding supervisor's tasks, responsibilities, and qualifications are specified in EN ISO 3834 , "Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials," depending on the individual requirements. As an external welding supervisor, I clarify the production-related requirements placed on you and, if necessary, take on various tasks within the framework of an external welding supervisor.

I offer you the following service:

  • external welding supervision according to ISO 14731
  • Supervision and monitoring of the activities of the welding technicians
  • Selection of welding processes and additives depending on the quality and acceptance requirements
  • Creation of documentation in the required or contractually agreed to manner
  • Creation and review of welding instructions (WPS)
  • Monitoring and testing before, during, and after welding
  • Definition of the welding process and the preparation of the weld seam
  • Support according to EN 1090 and the quality requirements according to EN ISO 3834.

NDT non-destructive tests:

Non-destructive material testing examines workpieces and components without changing their function or integrity - the tested objects can then be used or installed. While destructive test methods usually determine a material's mechanical-technological properties and suitability for specific applications, non-destructive material testing (NDT) deal with possible deviations from the target state (norms, standards) on workpieces that have already been used been manufactured. The main goal of NDT is to guarantee the safety and functionality of a workpiece without changing or destroying it - it should be able to continue to be used after passing the test.

The non-destructive testing is carried out either with the VT- oder dem PT-Verfahren durchgeführt.

Welding work:

I am happy to come to your company and support you with your order peaks or as a flexible employee for specific assemblies or projects temporarily. Due to my many years of experience in various areas of welding technology (food technology, aerospace, and shipbuilding), you can rely on a clean execution, the necessary knowledge, and receive a motivated employee on time for your projects, regardless of whether at home or abroad. Knowledge of the TIG (141) process for aluminum, CrNi, and steel is most pronounced. Experience in other processes such as MAG, cored wire und MMA are also available with the corresponding certification in the respective process and material according to DIN EN ISO 9606. If a particular test is required for a project, this can be taken at short notice to be ready for use as quickly as possible. Your advantages with a freelancer:

  • Flexibility in terms of duration of use
  • Kalkulierbare Kosten für Ihr Projekt
  • High motivation
  • Flexibility in terms of orders
  • Economic thinking based on your own independence
  • Learning from one another by sharing experiences
  • No staff costs in the event of illness or vacation

Welding Courses

I would be happy to prepare your welders for the upcoming test according to DIN 9606-1 / 2 or support your educational institution in the training of students. Interested private individuals can also book a personal lesson in various welding processes (TIG, MAG, MMA). The following points are discussed or implemented in practice. 

  • Equipment knowledge (welding machine setting)
  • Overlay welding, welding in various welding positions
  • Butt and fillet welds on sheet metal, pipe in different welding positions, material groups
  • Welding the required test pieces
  • Preventing accidents and fire damage
  • Handling of welding equipment depending on the process: Influence of arc length, welding current strength, polarity, blowing effect, slag flow, shielding gas
  • Avoiding and eliminating errors in welding
  • Steels, aluminum, and alloys as well as their welding consumables depending on the test
  • Welding marks and symbols
  • Prepare the workpieces for welding
  • Designation of a welder's examination and its scope
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